Cultural Forum

How do we incorporate social and community values into a scientific conference? Academic papers provide valuable information, but rarely convey the connection that people feel for the land they live on or visit for recreation or work. In an effort to include these intangibles, the conference organizers planned a Cultural Forum for both visual and performance art. Conference participants and members of the public viewed displays of paintings, sculpture, photography, fabric art, and a computerized virtual presentation, and heard readings of poetry and prose. Many came away from the cultural forum with a heightened awareness of the special qualities of the inland rainforest as a source of inspiration for art and literature.

Visual artists

  • Jean Brandel
  • Central Fort George Grade 3 students (Maggee Spicer, teacher)
  • Darwyn Coxson
  • Duchess Park Secondary School art students (Amy Gremm and Nowell Senior, teachers)
  • Sheilagh Foster
  • Jean-Jacques Giguère
  • David Marchant
  • Dan Moore
  • Hugh Perkins and Kathy Juncker


  • Jeremy Stewart, emcee
  • Jacqueline Baldwin
  • Hilary Crowley
  • Virginia Karr
  • Mike Nash
  • Susan Stevenson

Thank you to the UNBC Arts Council for help in organizing this event.

Photos of children's art by Barbara Coupé


Link to Cultural Forum

"Treebeard" (above) is portrayed courtesy of McBride artist Sheilagh Foster.

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