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Regeneration composition, abundance and growth within three post-harvest stand structures in the wet subzones of the Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICH) in east-central British Columbia

Andrea Eastham 1 and Mike Jull 2

One of the key forest management issues addressed by many established long-term silvicultural systems trials is the feasibility, efficacy, and sustainability of timber management under partial cut and clearcut systems. The challenge to regenerating conifers in complex or multi-cohort stands is the above and below ground competition from both the overstory trees and the understory vegetation. Performance of planted, natural and advanced regeneration has been monitored within the Northern Wetbelt Silvicultural Systems Project (NWSS) across a range of stand structure types created by harvesting in the wet ICH subzones, in a series of established, long-term silviculture systems studies that include clearcut and partial cut systems with different size openings.

Re-measurements were completed in 2007 at Fleet Creek (ICHwk3), Minnow (ICHwk3), East Twin (ICHwk3), and Lunate Creeks (ICHvk2). Fleet Creek was initiated in 1994 and openings were planted in 1995 to spruce, Douglas-fir, and western redcedar with no site preparation. Natural/advanced regeneration was assessed pre-harvest and has been monitored post-harvest with and without site preparation. The other three sites were established in 2000/01 with monitoring of all tree species in permanent sample plots (PSP). Post-harvest PSPs were established in each treatment unit and regeneration has been monitored on four smaller plots nested within each PSP. The three sites were operationally planted with western redcedar and interior spruce in 2001/02. Results will be presented on survival, growth, and condition of planted trees; abundance and stand composition of natural and advanced regeneration.

Contact Information

1 Industrial Forestry Service Ltd., Prince George, BC. Email: aeastham@indforserv.bc.ca

2 UNBC-UBC Aleza Lake Research Forest, Prince George, BC. Email: jullm@unbc.ca

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