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Established Old Growth Management Areas in the Northern Interior Cedar Hemlock Zone

Shannon Carson 1 and Beryl Nesbit 2

Old Growth Management Areas (OGMAs) have been established in the Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICH) biogeoclimatic zone, within the Robson Valley and Prince George Land and Resource Management Plan areas.

These OGMAs were established between 2002 and 2006. The OGMAs were developed following the process and targets set out in the Landscape Unit Planning Guide (1999). Through this process approximately 24,000 hectares of provincial crown forest has been legally established for old growth management priority.

To-date these OGMAs have remained relatively static with few challenges to harvesting within their boundaries. This is likely due to the stability of the ecosystems found in the ICH forests. In addition, some comments have been received from forest planners that planning with the certainty of spatially located old growth values has been a benefit to operational planning.

Contact Information

1 Integrated Land Management Bureau, Prince George, B.C. Email: shannon.carson@gov.bc.ca

2 Integrated Land Management Bureau, Prince George, B.C. Email: beryl.nesbit@gov.bc.ca

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